January 26, 2012

Baby Shower Revisited

I have too many excuses reasons why I haven't been writing. I've neglected my blog for too long. Part of it is that I had a writer's block but it's also been a really busy few months. I actually had to work at the office and it was right around the time that I was trying to tie all the loose ends for the baby shower. All fun, I tell you, all fun.

Like most Torres events, there were many voices. There was my mother, sister, Wendy's sisters, and her foster mother wanting to be a part of the planning. It was a constant push to make sure that above all, mother-to-be was happy with all of the decisions made.

In the beginning, we all agreed that if it was a baby boy, that the motif was going to be building blocks. Everything else fell into place! Yea right! We had pow wows and emails exchanges. We took seven different trips to seven different stores to get everything that we're looking for. By the end of it, I knew the layouts to Joann's, Hobby Lobby, and Michael's. We had craft parties to paint favors. Mom even took trips to Orlando to get the more traditional keeps sakes, including this shoe-shaped candy holder.

The guy with the mic is my brother, he was pretending to be an emcee and yet I'm considered the dork of the family. Sigh.

In the end, even though I was frazzled by it all, I was happy with the end result. Baby-to-be is the first grandchild so having this baby shower made it all the more real. I was satisfied with the end result and I'd like to think the parents were too.

The best part of it all was:

These two are now engaged.

My brother decided to surprise everybody. When the last present was opened, my brother got down on his knee and proposed to Wendy!

Almost all of the women that were planning this baby shower, including myself, were brought to tears. It was definitely a moment that made everything perfect. 

By the way, my nephew is due February 9th. He's coming any minute now. It's Operation Wait and See right now. We're waiting for that phone call or text message from my brother or from his FIANCE (ah!) letting the rest of us know that baby is on his way.

EDIT: Wanted to thank Martinez Restaurant and Bakery  for such an amazing cake. Thanks Maria!

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