July 18, 2011

Elisa and the Green Room III

It got busy at work and during my lulls I was looking at real estate. That will have to be another blog entry because that's a saga on its own.

A lot has developed with Elisa's room and there's still quite a few things that needs to be done but it's ever evolving and it's so exciting to help my little sister get her dream room.

I'm pretty sure if she really had her dream room, she'd have a big screen HDTV, maybe a new car attached to that room but of course mommy nor daddy nor big sis has that kind of money. Luckily a huge chunk has been done in room just in time for her birthday.

I taught her how to make a ribbon board to hold all of her pictures of friends and family. We went staple crazy to do this. A little too staple crazy.
This was an up-cycle. It was first discovered in a discount salvage with a beach theme painted all over it. She painted it black and a bunch of neon colors and was used to hold gift cards for her quinceanera last year. This year she painted it black but to simplify her decor in her room she painted the swirls with white. Love how it turned out, it's a lot more grown up but it remains fun. She now uses it for jewelry and mementos from school (love notes).

Elisa and I used painter's tape before she painted the black lines. A whole lot more mistake proof resistant with the tape.

My sister hates shopping especially in Wally World, but she found the canvas picture of New York for a bargain. The canvases were in her room before and she covered them in fabric that we found in a dollar bin at Joanne's.
In lieu of a huge dresser, we moved in a shelving unit that was in another room and used bins to hold her clothes. We went online before we went bin shopping but we still went store hopping just to get the right combination of prints and sizes.

There's still plenty to do. Including this jewelry board. She's working on getting some hooks into the board to show off some of her accessories. The hooks were brass in color so she painted them black. Paint on the plate was evidence of either her boredom or having fun with the excess paint on her paintbrush.

We "lost" the covers to all of the outlets and switches. Elisa is using zebra duct tape to decorate the covers that she's found so far.

The night stand, and the headboard is in desperate need of an up-cycle.

This lovely little dresser used to be mine at one point. The plan is to make it her own. Ideas to come soon.

What I've learned:
  • There's moments where you have to let go and let the little one prove that she can do it.
  • Teenagers have a short attention spans except when it comes to crazy colors.
  • Moms will think this is too busy but that makes teenagers love it even more.
  • No amount of organization is enough unless you're willing to take out the trash and give things a way.
  • Small prints avoids clashing with bigger prints.
  • Focal points pop with larger prints, accessories should have smaller prints to not compete with the point of reference.