July 1, 2011

Mourning the Loss of Garden Ridge

My town is losing it's one and only Garden Ridge and I just discovered that it's the only one in Florida! Soon Orlando will have one, that happens to be two hours away from me. In a year or so, they'll build a new one in Jacksonville. So not fair.

It's like that one friend that you never spend time with and realize how much you should have hung out with her when that person tells you that she's moving out of town.

Here's some of my great finds during my last visit.

Everything here under $60. The good part is that they'll have a 25 percent off sale on everything until the place closes. There's also rumors that I'll turn into a 50 percent sale soon. So I bought a couple things. Nothing too big, one's a gift for my mom. The smaller nightstand seems befitting for my sister's room as well as the green chair, perfect for reading next to the window. I think I would attempt the flower painting myself but I like the combination of colors. The ladies were seem relatives to another girl from the room that inspired my sister's.

Sigh. You'll be missed, Garden Ridge.

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latinaroarlizzie said...

I Better check it out!!