June 8, 2011

Elisa and the Green Room

This is my lovely sister....

Take note of the neon striped shirt she's wearing under her cardigan and well...how can you not notice her homemade sunglasses.

She likes the colors that are blindingly bright. She also likes to be unique. And now she wants to paint her bedroom. Elisa, why not just a pastel color for your room. Or something a little muted so you can match more stuff. How about a baby purple or a mint.

Nope. Elisa is a take all or nothing kind of girl. She wants neon green. She wants the type of green that will scare her parents away from of her room from how bright her room is. And she wants me to be her accomplice.

It all started when she decided to move into my room. She claimed it soon after I left home to live in my own place back in 2008. (Was it 2008?) Well since then she's been bugging me. You owe me, I helped you and now you need to help me. She was, what...10? 11? She painted the trimming to my walls and it wasn't all of the trimming, no 10-year-old has that length of attention span and hers is especially short. Maybe she did help me with a few other things but I did most of the grunt work.

I gave in last month. I'm taking two days off next week to work on her room. Did I tell you? I have to pay for the paint. Talk about paying interest.

She is inspired by a room that I found on this site. I love Rate My Space, I've found a lot of inspiration from the site and I can learn from other people's mistakes as well. Plenty of wall paper nightmares if you look hard enough. It helps in really looking for what you can't express in words.

Elisa had a hard time explaining what she wanted so I'd send her a bajillion pictures of rooms until she saw this one:

Here's the challenge. Her carpet...hunter green. Her room...not this big. Her furnishings also don't match. That's the curse of being the youngest. Lots of hand me downs that don't coordinate most of the time. She also has limited placement options when it comes to her bed because she has a built-in desk and there's more corners than walls in that room.

Highly doubt we can fit a chair in this room. Possibly the wire dress but that's pushing it.

Did I mention the carpet is green? I'm hoping she can practice her daddy's little girl face and convince dad to get a rug like this. Because big sis can't afford carpet.

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latinaroarlizzie said...

Very cute I love damask stuff!!;)