June 27, 2011

Driving my roommate crazy

Next to our sink in the little counterspace my roommate and I have, there's a collection of washed jars. Spaghetti jars, pickle jars, jam jars, you name it, I've washed it. I've left them there on our counter to dry. After weeks of "drying", my roommate had enough.

Erika! What are doing with all of these jars?! If you don't do something with these, I'm gonna throw them away!

La Tati didn't throw them away, thankfully, and she gave me the opportunity to show her what I wanted to do. I have a patio that's being under utilized. It's actually a storage area for La Tati's broken down entertainment center. It looks something like this...

Except it's way more faded, no glass attached, it's partly warped and it doesn't accomodate the tv she purchased for our living room. It also bulked up our living room. I was able to find another piece for that area and this big monster is now sitting in the back waiting for someone to use it again.

We thought of using Craiglist to sell it but I think La Tati wants to keep for future use. It's like her blanky, I guess. So it's been collecting dust in that patio of ours, looking more and more pathetic than the day before. Out of sight, out of mind, hidden behind the blinds.

But where there's a decrepit piece of furniture, lies opportunity. So, it will display all these recycled jars that I've turned into lanterns. Like everything I do, it's a work in progress and lets just hope it doesn't drive the roomy too crazy.


latinaroarlizzie said...

Gross! I thought there was pieces of old meat in the jars with water!! You almost scared me! I was like really erika what now! This is beyond normal!!

VeRoniCa said...

Wowzers.. I thought you were getting ready for Halloween.... LOL... I am glad to see that your putting useless things to use!

Erika T said...

Yea...at first I thought it was an epic failure. But it's growing on me. I'm gonna make some in different colors so I hope it makes it less...Halloweenish. Liz, you're a trip, old meat?! That's funny.