June 6, 2011

Avonlea Antique Mall

I recently went to this office complex that was converted to an antique mall. Never knew it existed but I'm pretty sure I've passed it a hundred times.

I can only assume the previous owner to these statues visited Japan in one point their lives. I love how unique each statue is. Hope they get to stay together.

I picture this repainted either white or yellow. Amazing shapes and lines.

I was drawn to birdcages and chandeliers.

One of the other chandeliers that I was drawn to. Definitely a spray paint project. Don't think all those colors would work with my decor.

This looks like a dinner room worthy chandelier. Very light and clean. Too bad the ceiling is too low in my apartment.

One of the many corridors of this mall. Lots of stuff to scan through before I was drawn to something else.

Things I've learned:
- Wear sneakers!
- Antiques are more expensive than thrift stores but there's a lot of mark downs if I look hard enough to find them.
- 30 minutes is not enough time to see everything
- inspiration is around every corner
- it can get a bit creepy especially with all the dolls staring at me

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