June 1, 2011

Mod Podge Cocina Surprise

I think my roommate gets tortured by my random attempts to be the Latina Martha Stewart. Go ahead, called me Martina. I guess that'll be the name to this alter ego of mine. Martina Santana or Santiago...eh.

This alter ego, is not the chick who works with spreadsheets and conference calls that result to nothing. Usually on those phone conferences, Martina writes and doodles in her handy dandy journal, waiting for another idea to pop in. It takes a couple meanderings in some other person's blogs to put this scattered brain into high gear.

Ok, well, this was my last project before I started my blog. I needed a better format than my facebook to show (off) my projects. I'll be sure to post more pics for the next one.

No more rambling (for now).

I have to thank Mod Podge Rocks! for this idea. Mod Podge ($7) does rock. You can get the stuff at about any craft store and I'm surprised by how little I used for this project. It's about the same consistency as paper mache glue but you get a much more finished look after using it. You can see her project here.

I used six glass plates from the dollar store and some gift wrap from Target. (Pronounced Tarjay in my neck of the woods.) From far away you can barely tell that it's paper, which is fine with me because it's on top of the kitchen cabinets.

Here's a close up of the plates:

You can see some of the wrinkles and bubbles in the ridges. It helps to use a brayer to take out air pockets and I used sandpaper to remove any excess paper on the sides. Lots of cursing when one of the papers ripped helped too.

What I learned from this project:
  • Go thin on that layer of Mod Podge between glass and gift wrap helps to prevent ripping and the air pockets.

  • Wood doesn't stick very well to glass, but hot gluing styrofoam in between the wood and the glass will make it work.
  • Using the glossy Mod Podge on glass means I can peel that paper and use a different kind of paper or redo any that I've messed up. (Which is exactly what happened.)

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Jen the CraftinCowgirl said...

They look great! I will have to try some with paper. Much cheaper than fabric :o) Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing your project!