June 20, 2011

Elisa and the Green Room Part Deux

I knew it was going to be a long day when I open the door to my sister's room and see this:

Elisa "organized" her things in garbage bags and she was still sorting through her laundry when I arrived. I wasn forbidden to post this picture showing the laundry. Muahaha.

Elisa, have the room ready to paint. At least have all of the clothes and the stuff on the shelves out of the way so I can help you with moving the furniture. Pfft. That didn't happen.

I'm gonna miss my red room. But looking at this picture made me realize how the color made it look like a dungeon instead of a room.

Everything on the shelves were to be removed. Pfft. Didn't happen. I came with some boxes just in case. We put them to use. Eventually the room was ready. Kind of.

The carpet that we shall not speak of.

I only bought a gallon of paint thinking it was all I needed for this room. I used primer and paint together and the red was still pretty evident, also evident was that we were going to need another gallon.

We also had the daunting task of painting the edges. There's a million edges in this room and it took most of Day 2 to paint it.

Her bureau was one of two pieces of furniture that we had to work around. Eventually we moved it out because we kept bumping into it. As we painted the wall we got more and more excited. It was exactly what my sister wanted.

This is Elisa's satisfied face. The color is called sweet midori and after we painted, we checked the site to see how close we matched to the color. It was an exact match. Woohoo. Too bad my camera doesn't do a good job of showing that. Do not look at the carpet....imagine that it's not there.

Coming up:

How we made her doors pop.

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