June 27, 2011

When one becomes two.

I'm in shock. If I hadn't been so distracted, I would have caught on to the hints.

I'm going to be an aunt.

I still can't believe it. My brother and my roommate, who happened to be dating for the past two and a half years, are preparing for a dramatic lifestyle change in the next nine months. You're joking right? I asked my brother, he's four years my junior and still working to get his college degree.

Here's the crazy part....she's the second roommate of mine to soon bear a child. We always joked about how she could be next for the mere fact that I live with her.

If you and Tito move in together, even HE might get pregnant, said one of the other relatives that my brother called to tell the good news. My parents, my sister and I huddled around him as he called his closest family and friends. We caught everyone's reactions through the speakerphone. Each reaction was different but most thought it was a joke at first. One cousin wants to see a sonogram and another sounds like he won the lottery. It was at times bittersweet moment, so when are you gonna marry her, asked an uncle representing the old school and the traditional but even my mother supports my brother doing the right thing on his time. I feel the same way.

I'm just proud that he's planning to be there for her and that now I can say that my roommate will also be my family. I'm praying for them. I know I'll have some spoiling to do. Afterall what are aunties for.


latinaroarlizzie said...

Great one erika! Lol no matter what you will be a great aunt, your already starting projects on mine so I'm sure new projects will come along for the new lil one! :) my daughter will have a bestie! :) wish them the best and hope God has a plan.

VeRoniCa said...

It's exciting to know that we are going to have another lil one running around!! And Lizzie~ Dont leave my lil nahti out...LOL.. But no you are going to be a GRRREAT Auntie!! We will keep Tati and Ej in our prayers!!

Erika T said...

You guys are awesome. EJ was telling me Nahti would probably be the leader of the pack, plotting all these little schemes. He had me cracking up. I can't wait to have a photo op with all the little ones. I have a spot perfect in my little cubicle for it.