June 28, 2011

Baby Bow Ribbon Board

This board here is for one of my closest cousins, Lizzie. She's a mommy-to-be to a girl due sometime in July. We took a trip to Wally World and she picked out the fabrics to match the little one's room. Frame: 4 Bucks!!! All we needed was half a yard, I suppose, but I bought a yard for another $4.

It's a work in progress, especially since upon showing the board, my dear father said it was crooked. I stapled that fabric in the back to foam core board which is something you can get just about anywhere, it's mostly used for science projects. I used about a hundred staples doing this board. The more, the stabler. I stapled more of the striped ribbon on top of the frame for hanging.

It's a mess in the back and there's possibly some loose staples so I'm covering the back with extra fabric to secure it all together.

What I learned:

  • Never show papi anything! He WILL find something wrong.

  • Once an imperfection is pointed out, I will never stop noticing it and therefore will have to do it again.

  • Using striped or polkadotted fabrics is less forgiving if it's not on entirely straight.

  • The more quilt batting, the more plush your board will be but the harder to staple.

  • Cardboard is another alternative or can be added to the mix for a sturdier board.

  • Better to staple on the ugly green carpet than on the desk and making holes into said desk.

  • The wood of the frame was harder that what I've used in the past so make sure you can adjust the pressure to the staple gun.


VeRoniCa said...

I like it and tell your papi that it was suppose to be slightly crooked so that people like him really pay attention to the beauty of it!!! I am sure no matter what mommy lizzie will love it!!

latinaroarlizzie said...

Love it!! Can't wait to put it in her room! :) love ya erika and your experiments! Lol