June 13, 2011

Jewelry Organizing Update

I love jewelry. Not the expensive stuff either, they don't make the type of statements I'm trying to make. I like the big stuff. The multi-chained necklaces and the loop earrings that are so large that I could use as bracelets. Those pieces are also the little monsters that gets tangled with the delicate stuff that I've been given, like this beautiful necklace my cousin presented to me when I was a bridesmaid for her wedding.

It's so easy to express yourself with you jewelry:

I want to be prissy today, so I'll grab a long strand of pearls and some pearl studs.

I want to be ghetto fab, what the cousins call "103rd", just give me the door-knocker earrings and the silver chain with the studded-cross pendant attached.

I want to be a club queen a la Snooki. Give me a five-strand, multi-chain necklace with my favorite pair of chandelier earrings and add some over-sized bangles just to accomplish the over-the-topness that I'm looking for.

I bet I can make each statement with the same basic, black, tank top and a pencil skirt.

I don't have to try on jewelry. As long as it works, I can buy it. No trying it on in an icky fitting room where my barefeet have to touch the same floor that other bare feet have touched.

My friends know me well when it comes to my accessories, because my birthday was really good this year. So good that my top-drawer of my dresser was ready to implode.

And so I needed some solutions.

I made a jewelry organizer to go in my dresser drawer:

I used foam board to create boxes of varying sizes. There's grid lines on the board so it was easy cut straight but even so, using an X-acto blade isn't the most reliable tool.

The zebra-print duct tape- yes, duct tape - was used to hide some of those imperfections. For the bottoms, I used a poster board that had all these signatures that wished me a happy birthday. After a few months it was taking up space but I still wanted to remember the day some how.

I hot glued the bottoms and to make sure everything was secured, I modge podged all of the corners and the insides.

I also made a jewelry board:

This frame involved layers of foam board, cardboard and embroidery canvas. I used a staple gun to put it all together. Punched some holes with a Philips screwdriver, dad would be so proud.

Dresser knobs from Hobby Lobby. Here's more ideas of what you can do with their vast collection of dresser knobs.

After looking at my board for a couple weeks, it looked pretty empty up top, so I added these hooks to fill some of the space:

Now I can display my favorite chandelier earrings. :D

What I learned:
-Do not use the X-acto blade on your wooden table, that what cutting boards are for.
-Modge Podge will make poster board warp but at least it's more durable
- Bristle brushes tend to shed when using Modge Podge
-Using a nail to make a hole helped me screw in the hooks a whole lot easier.
-If you're in desperate need of a hammer and dad or the boyfriend isn't around to judge you, the edge of a monkey wrench works really well.


Mama EEW said...

You're amazingly crafty! Wish I had the time to do fun things like this. Maybe one day when the boy is older ;).

VeRoniCa said...

I love it I love it... Erika i am sooooo Proud of you!! Go Erika!!