June 14, 2011

Headboard Inspiration

I love this project, so much that I started following hodge:podge. Seriously considering doing something like this for my sister's room. I'll have to borrow some tools to do this but it's possible and way affordable than what being sold in retail. Build something for what...$50 - $100 depending on what materials you decide to use or buying something that will cost me 10 times more than that.

Here's a West Elm Headboard that costs over $500:

Target has headboards too:
That one costs $249.00 for a full-size bed. Target also has inflatable headboards and as much as I appreciate spending $119 on one of these lovelies:

I can also imagine little sister or one of her friends play-fighting or jumping around and pop! no more headboard.

So I really think making a headboard is a lot more economical.

Joanne's How To:

HGTV How To:

SAS Interiors:

Silver Lining:

Wonderful work and what I like most about it is that headboard can really show off the owner's personality and my sister has lots of that.

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VeRoniCa said...

Lets make a Headboard for my bed... I will buy the stuff and and we can do it together!!!!