June 7, 2011

A little review of what I've done so far...

My facebook friends probably thought I was a nerd with all of my projects. Some commented that they liked what I was doing and others like my dad would post that I have THAT much time on my hands that I should should go help him rake or clean out the garage.

Here's some of the things I've posted on facebook or texted friends about. Imagine getting one of those texts at midnight.

This is when I knew that I needed to start a blog. I was inspired by quite a few contributors on CraftGawker.

Those are dresser knobs from Hobby Lobby. I do plan on using more of those suckers later on.

This fan (not the best pic but just go with it) was actually a plain white fan given away to me by a good friend of mine who had bought another fan on sale. Fell in love with metalic acrylic paint after this project.

Here's some ornaments that I've made. They were white ceramic and about 30 cents each when I bought them. The tradition to paint ornaments and ceramics go back to my maternal grandmother. Roomy and I did these...I voluntold her to help me with it.

I'm a ribbon curler, could spend hours doing it. I was so proud of the fact that I was able to wrap this cylinder that I had to put it on facebook. Everybody wondered whowas the reciever of this present. It was for the mister. It was Jaguar shirt. (He's a Houston Texans fan, boo!) That's also the same paper I used for the decorative plates in the kitchen.

Yes, my Christmas theme was red, black and zebra. That color combination has been an obssession of mine and of my roommate's. My room and my bathroom are probably the only places that don't have the color scheme.

And yes, that's a post-it. When you're on phone conferences all day, you tend to do things to stay awake...I took notes of course, just not on this post-it.

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