September 2, 2011

Frame Collage Project

This has been the ultimate thorn in my side. I have this wall and a couch that has nothing to anchor it. This blank wall mocks me, laughing at me everytime I pass it, teasing me because I just can't figure out what to do with it.

I want a statement, I just don't know what statement I want to make or what statement I can afford. Remember, I'm saving for more important things and so, I didn't want to spend $200 for something halfway decent, or something that I can't change out later on. I can't paint my walls because I'm not staying here long but I still wanted to claim this wall. Make it my biotch.

So I went Goodwill Hunting without a true sense of what I really wanted. I ended up buying this:

I got all of that for $28. Four frames, an iron cross, a storage bin, an ironing board and.....

This etched glass for a quarter. That's my alma mater. Swoop!

The other stuff like the ironing board and the storage bin were things that I really needed.

Anyways, all those frames gave me the idea of a frame collage wall. I also had some frames in my coat closet, taking up space that was starting to drive the Roomy insane. So I placed all of them on my floor and started arranging them until they started making sense.

I still don't know if this is the layout that I'm going to work with. I want something organic and flowy but I also don't want it to feel like I'm hourding artwork and photos. By the way, I refuse to have pink in my apartment so these frames will get painted, just not sure what color or treatment they'll be getting.

I found some guides:

And some hanging frame tips:
EHOW Tutorial

Frame Hanging Hack from View Along the Way:

Well, I'll be shopping for artwork in the next couple of days or so. I've considered scrapbook material, fabric, actual artwork, facebook pics. Hopefully with the tutorials, the actual collage layout will be easiest part of this project. 

OH! By the way, I'm having a nephew!!!! He's due in the same month as my birthday. I'm gonna need ideas on what to make a boy. After all, I don't think he'll appreaciate hair clips and tutus. :D

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Mama EEW said...

I had a really awesome comment, but it was deleted by accident :(. Call me and I can give you my ideas if you're interested ;). Besos, Cici