September 28, 2011

Wall collage update and my new buddy

I have a new toy. It's a laser level that I bought at Home Depot. He can be really obnoxious sometimes but I still love him. He helped me with my wall collage so I love him even more.

I shall call him Yobi. 
Here's the plus sides to my Yobi: It has a vacuum mechanism to hold its self onto a wall while displaying a straight laser line. It's the perfect tool for a wall collage. I don't need to make holes into a wall with pins just to keep it up like other laser levels or have someone else hold it up will I make markings.. He's pocket size if you have a big pocket and he fits just fine in the little toolbox that I have.

Did I mention he was obnoxious? Yes. He makes a buzzing sound. Very reminiscent of a game board buzzer. Taboo anyone? I live in an apartment so the sounds of buzzing vibrations against a connecting wall to my neighbor's was a bit of a concern. I only needed him for the time that I needed to make markings on my wall, so no neighbors came knocking on my door.

I had five picture frames, and only had to make five holes. Well, six because I measured wrong but it's a laser not a miracle maker. Without Yobi, I have a feeling I would have made about 20 holes before giving up and The Wall would have prevailed again. I've got some many ideas for him, it'll have to wait when my lease is up. It took 30 minutes to do the actual hanging, thank goodness.

This is my collage for now:

Excuse the lighting, I tried to fix it with Picnik but I'm still not that savvy. Oh and if anyone would like to give me a decent camera for oh... let's say Christmas, I'd appreciate it. :D 

I say for now because it feels like something's missing. I kept staring at if for about three days trying to figure it out. There's a void. Do you see it? I'm thinking it needs a sign. Something like this...

Again, bad photography. It'll get better, promise.

or this:

I'll be on the hunt for a sign. Why is it that I see signs at the stores when I don't need them and now that I do, I can't find them. Ugh! Happy with The Wall so far and wish I had done this sooner. Many thanks to Hermes Alers, who diligently worked on India until I was happy. 

What I learned: 
  • Measure twice, cut once. I know this but I'm stubborn. 
  • Patience is a virtue.
  • The phrase, Dance like no one is watching, comes from this poem:

Work like you don't need the money.Love like you've never been hurt.Dance like no-one's watching.Sing like no-one's listening.Live like there's no tomorrow.Fear like a stone.
  • Or this Irish saying: 

Dance as if no one's watching, sing as if no one's listening, and live everyday as if it were your last.

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