September 30, 2011

Team Spirit Hair Accessories

Slowly but surely, I'm getting these hair bows done. I'm a busy girl, planning baby showers and putting up wall collages. Catering to the mister. Helping a friend and her boyfriend pick out furniture and accessories for their new home. (That'll be a future post, promise.)

Honestly though, I'm trying to be careful with these. I put all my love in them especially since I'm giving them to all my favorite girls.

 I love it though. So far I made one for my sister. By made one for my sister, I mean, I made one for one of the babies but then my sister took one for herself. Gotta love her, she even gave me the puppy dog eyes, when I asked for it back. She wears it to all of the games and to school, so maybe I'm onto something here.

 These two are for my Goddaughter, Nahtalia. Pictures to come of her soon. She's cute and she knows it.

Abuelita sewed Sophia's fastener right onto the headband she was hearing that day.
Baby Sophia and her mother, Lizzie.
Still stuck on what to make for my nephew. I'll be sure to blog about it as soon as I figure it out. 

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